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Bridgemark Website 2015-78 A dream that the Lord placed on our hearts over ten years ago has come true.  We are excited that a school for students with Learning Differences (dyslexia, auditory processing, dysgraphia, AD/HD, etc…)  opened in the fall of 2014 in TYLER!!!!  A school where students with average to above average intelligence can learn and grow while gaining the tools and resources that they need to succeed.  This school is part of the Bridgemark Center.  The Bridgemark Center also provides tutoring, resources and training for parents, and education for the public.

Students are taught how they learn using proven multisensory methodology, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and a trained and gifted staff. Multisensory teaching strategies are utilized to help these learners realize their learning potential. Bridgemark empowers students to discover who they are and what they can become through specialized academic, spiritual, and social/emotional development opportunities.  Children’s differences and strengths are celebrated while their weaknesses
are strengthened. 

Bridgemark Website 2015-32The Bridgemark Center offers a full-day school for 1st – 8th grade students.  A half-day program is offered as well, where students receive the skills and training they need in the morning and then continue their learning at home in the afternoon.  The 9th – 12th grade program will require extensive parental involvement.  Students in these grades will be on campus Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Please click here for a sample schedule for grades 1-8.



Jaime Warren serves as the Bridgemark Executive Director of School and you can learn more about Mrs. Warren’s background and passion for Bridgemark by clicking here.  Wendy Baker serves as the Bridgemark Executive Director of Administration and is on staff in Family Ministries at Calvary and you can click here for more information about her and her family. Bridgemark is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church and you may learn more about Calvary by clicking here.

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Jaime Warren and Wendy Baker

Bridgemark Founders


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